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Welcome to Credible Conspiracy Chats with Cameron

The Political Revolution Starts SOON

Cameron, a 33 year old husband, veteran, student, as well as a Political, Intelligence, History, War and Sports junkie.  I love CONSPIRACY THEORIES in the sense that it is fun to think wild extravagant thoughts and it really keeps your MENTAL JUICES flowing.  My Day-to-Day schedule since leaving the Coast Guard have been pretty much up to my discretion, and that is dangerous.  What I have done in the past has ZERO to do with my interest in the subject.  In fact, my 11 year CG history has almost convinced me that CONSPIRACY THEORIES are fake and I will explain why later.

I am looking for anyone regardless of political or ideological beliefs that has a Conspiracy Theory they would like to talk about or post about. I am offering a platform regardless of your political belief to come exchange ideas on Conspiracy Theories and how they relate to Politics.  Conspiracy Theories can UNITE and DIVIDE people, so if you are not prepared to see things you disagree with you may not wish to be on this page.

I swore an oath to defend the constitution, that oath did not stop when I left the Coast Guard. I am going to fight for FREE SPEECH, and not censor free thought.

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Why I did this

The Start of Credible Conspiracy Chat with Cameron

First things first, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist nor am I advocating they are real, I am simply looking for those who do and wish to interview. This page and what I am doing with it is really just a creative open forum to discuss some crazy stuff that some people do actually believe. My aim is not to belittle or embarrass, but to learn and help others that may share a similar interest in what gives Conspiracy Theories legs to start? I think in today’s political climate we all remain skeptical of everything we read or hear, another point to this page is to address some of the blatant biases aimed at targeting groups who subscribe to these sometimes wild and crazy Conspiracy Theories. This is not aimed towards a specific political party, as there is enough “dirt” to hold both sides accountable for their unbelievably crazy theories that lurk in the fringe elements of each party.

My interest are always in the media narratives, as we have seen the media splinter into factions, and operate as propaganda outlets for their political party. This is not SHOCKING NEWS or a BREAKING DEVELOPMENT, this is the media programming us into camps/schools of thought. We are just voting blocks, and the sad part is we all pretty much acknowledge as much and just carry on. Our political division is also a factor into how these crazy conspiracy theories really stick, because our 2 party system has a “death grip” on our society. So the media and the political parties themselves are likely the initial culprits behind many of today’s conspiracy theories, and I will sit my bias at the door of my room before walking in and provide that unbiased feedback.

Honesty is critical, I am a Trump voter and will support him in 2020, still debating 2024 (not sure his age will permit him to continue as King). With that said, I am not a blind sheep, I have many disagreements with 45, DJT is not a role model nor someone whom I think should have been president. I voted for him because he like me is not ideologically tied to a specific party, we have issues that we are socially liberal with and then issues that are uncompromisingly conservative on. I bring this up, because i know many who hate free speech like to say things like BIGOT, RACIST, and all sorts of bogus names because they cant actually debate me on the issues.

What top 5 topics I want to personally look into:

1: Russian Collusion - My interest is in from Origin to Today. There are so many issues packed into this topic I could spend years digging in, but I am awaiting the IG report and further investigations before jumping face first in this behemoth of a topic. This is not even a Conspiracy Theory, but the underlying and political spin of this have created an actual dual competing conspiracy that is exactly what the Russian agents wanted.

2: JFK Assassination - I am not “all-in” on this conspiracy from the standpoint of who did it, my main question is WHY... the why answers the who. So with me being located less than an hour from the spot he was shot, I will be doing a deep dive into this subject and trying to interview one of the “Conspiracy Theorist” who is at the site usually daily promoting his book. Regardless of your opinion on the character of JFK’s personal life, this was maybe the most horrific political murder in the history of the world and reshaped America into what it has become. The Kennedy name is worthy of some further investigation, but that shall be another day, as I will keep the focus strictly on the assassination and not venture into any of the other topics that do not tie back to his murder. I will say this to the folks who are bashing Trump for his extra-marital affairs, HAHA laughable and I am choking on the IRONY, JFK was maybe the first #MeToo President, only to be seconded by Clinton.

3: US Policy in Libya and Connections to ISIS in Syrian Civil War - This is not a focus on the LIE told by the Obama Administration’s Susan Rice blaming a video, although that is equally is dirty and mindbogglingly stupid for the administration to blatantly lie like that. This is an in-depth look into claims that ISIS is a US and Israeli funded organization, as well as the possible gun running and Syrian Civil War. Open discussion on some conspiracy blogs is that this was all over an effort to build a pipeline to eliminate the threat of Russia to the west. I obviously don’t have much other than some radical theories, but one that could actually be true in a grander sense, not necessarily a conspiracy but just flat out dumb luck.

4: Big Government - This is my favorite topic personally, but I am not sure it is a conspiracy anymore, it seems more and more like a reality, so this one could be tricky. BE ALERT if my house gets raided then I am truly onto something and would need to rethink my position going forward. Until then, our tin foil hats may be safe on the roll for now. I will look at this notion that Republican’s are for smaller government, a flat out lie and potential sign that folks can use as evidence for “NANNY STATE”

5: The Powerful Elite Ruling Class - Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton’s, Rothschild, Illuminati, Cabal, and Q/Qanon. This is really a catch all for all the wild ideas about some secret shadow government. Both Democrats and Republicans alike are guilty of peddling this garbage, but I will try to go down both rabbit holes and find someone brave enough to debate.

To end, again, I am not a Conspiracy Theorist (I PROMISE), I am just enjoying my free time between studying, to keep my mind engaged. I am of the belief that some of these narratives that we have heard are being recycled by the political and media folks because they know how much we all love to talk about conspiracy theories privately. This is not an endorsement of or for any Conspiracy Theories, but I will say that I will be putting forth any and all evidence presented by anyone who has an opinion. I will not shy away from controversy or problematic topics. I will not cave or waiver in my post or comments, as they will be real and true to my feelings. I will try to be respectful to those who disagree and I encourage all of us to be better listeners before being better talkers.

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With Love and Respect,

Political and Conspiracy Theory Sicario Sheets

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Is this a legit website?

100%, I used my friends at for my website design and protection plan. I am not interested in your data or selling your data, this is a forum for us to discuss Conspiracy Theories. Including BIG BROTHER and BIG TECH.  I personally vow that I will never allow or utilize this website in that fashion.

Do you worry about HATE SPEECH or Spreading Propaganda?

I want all the different and unique perspectives irregardless of your personal political affiliations.  This is a place for all, it certainly is not a SAFE SPACE, but a free place for you to come exchange Conspiracy Theories and ideas without fear.  This is not going to support anything outside of the scope of Conspiracy Theories and if it were to get out of control, I have no problems suppressing true legit HATE SPEECH or threats of causing physical harm to others. The 1st Amendment protects your rights in this nation, however this website you forfeit those protections when you wish to cause or post threats of terror or death.


We in the nation have a crisis on our hands.  We have hatred and evil all around us in this ramped up political warfare currently being waged. 

This is a WAR and Conspiracy Theories play a part.  Some people blame them as ways to alienate (PUN INTENDED) fringe elements of a party.  What happens when the FRINGE becomes MAINSTREAM?  

I will provide my own input (highly skeptical) of most of these topics, but I want to address those theories that promote legit threats to our way of life, and those that are just silly and fun WHAT IF theories. 

You have a chance to have your input matter. You can help pick topics, add your beliefs or ideas, join the volunteer team of content providers.


EVERYONE... Tell your family and Friends that have the Conspiracy Theory Itch and let us be the place to scratch it.

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