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2016 Coup Attempt

I am convinced we survived an attempted coup in America orchestrated by the Obama Administration. What I know for sure is that the Obama Administration deliberately and willingly deceived the American people about RUSSIA did and didn't do, all as an excuse to cover and explain why Donald J Trump won. What I will lay out should be the clearest case yet of how blatant this whole government and media class knew this was a hoax and continued to push the narrative to try to avoid owning up to making a bogus claim. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is real life and actually still happening, what is the conspiracy part is who and why it is still happening, but make no mistake this is not a joke or satirical piece. I will define my success if only one person learns something from this blog, and my goal is not for a political point but a constitutional one.

The PATRIOT ACT, it is time we re-evaluate as a society and nation on what we are and aren't willing to permit anymore. America is for the people and while I more than most may understand the importance of National Security and protecting our Country, I also swore to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. We as a nation are entitled to make the decisions that are for our best interest, we should be more aware as individuals, more engaged in our day to day life. We have a right to know what Facebook and Google or Amazon are doing with all of our information. We have a right to know what our government is doing with our communications, and who is listening to our phone calls.

I have my personal views, and want to share them now to help make sure everyone is aware of my own bias now. Personally, I have no objections to the government doing whatever they deem necessary to keep us safe as a nation, and think that they have bigger fish to fry than to be spying on you or me. I am however very concerned about the oversight available and the abuse we just witnessed in 2016 and the illegal spying on a presidential opponent. So, I am truly in a position that is baffled about how to even address this topic, but I will remain faithful in justice being served thanks to AG Barr in his investigation with John Durham. I will refrain from going to deep into this portion out of respect for the process and hoping to get more evidence from that investigation. That being said, the 2016 COUP is not limited to that one issue, as it is really much much deeper, and those other aspects are areas I want to cover. Let me caution both liberal and conservative readers that this will not hold punches based what you think my personal political beliefs truly are.

The Obama Administration broke the law, the Media ignored the facts, and liberals today refuse to even discuss the subject. They SPIED on a political opponent, plain and simple, and they did what Donald J Trump accused them of doing.

I mean this is his tweet, and as you can imagine the Democrats and Media came out in full force to mock and ridicule him for his statements. They called him delusional, mentally unfit, crazy, and dangerous for thinking they would do such a thing. Well, guess what folks, they did it and it was so much worse that you ever thought. This was not some legitimate FBI investigation, this was a political fully on assault as it turns out. This is 100% what they do in Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, and many other places that are run by fascist dictators, much like what the Obama Administration was running like it seems.

I will go much deeper into the mocking from the media in another blog, this blog is not specifically targeting the MEDIA and their dereliction of duty during Obama's years. More trouble on that front continues to come out as a CNN contributor that was in the Obama Administration just gets busted leaking fake news and possibly jeopardizing an actual CIA Asset in Russia. This COLLUSION between the DNC and MEDIA is frightening when you watch as an independent, because when you witness the crimes and cover-ups of a democratic administration versus a republican one is vomit inducing. This is dangerous and how countries end up in what Syria and Venezuela look like, and no this is not fear mongering, this is an accurate intelligence assessment.

His tweet is not false, it is not hyperbole, it is not red meat for the base. If any of this is brought forth in the investigation currently undergoing with US Attorney John Durham and confirmed, there will be people charged with treason and that is a fact. This could be the biggest abuse of power in the history of our federal government history. I am not over-hyping this or even trying to oversell the importance of this subject, but if this all comes out and is confirmed it will be an end to America as we know it. The only way to avoid the complete collapse will be for them to hold folks accountable if they broke the law (they did) and somehow tell the American public how they will protect us from the 2016 crimes from ever happening again (never happen). I am afraid they are going to cover this whole thing up and never tell us the truth about who did what and how they will never allow this to happen again. I will hold off on my full all-out conspiracy until we see what happens with the on-going investigation.

I will now start to focus on some of the key players and their actions which are both illegal and odd due to the timing. (This section is under development right now and coming SOON)


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