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The Huge LIE Elected Officials & Mainstream Media Continue to Spread

If you watch any MAINSTREAM MEDIA and listen to the LYING LIBERALS you would actually believe DONALD J TRUMP is a RUSSIAN ASSET. This lie was concocted the day he came down that escalator in Trump Tower, they feared then what we now know is true with his ELECTION. The previous 8 years with OBAMA allowed many DEEP STATE actors to further burrow themselves into the government agencies and departments we rarely hear from and never vote on. How did this HAPPEN right before our eyes? THE MEDIA WAS IN ON THE SCAM ...

Have any examples you would like to share with us or discuss? I am eager to hear the thoughts on the DEEP STATE and how that fostered the environment that allowed the RUSSIAN HOAX to occur. The time and bodies that needed to be moved into places to allow this kind of ABUSE OF POWER is staggering, the SENATE even confirmed some of these SCUMBAGS who BROKE THE LAW and may never see the JUSTICE they and their overlords deserve.

PEOPLE SHOULD HANG for these crimes that were committed and I do not say that lightly as a prior Law Enforcement Officer and prior Intelligence Specialist. This is the just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG if what USA John Durham is truly doing an investigation and not a COVER UP. Folks, look at the three SCUMBAG CROOKS from the previous administration. The TOP of the FBI and the two highest ranking members in the Intelligence business, and they are the POLITICAL operatives at the PEAK of the lowest summit in DC.

The truth is Comey bet on the wrong horse and thought he could outsmart the man who just got elected PRESIDENT, and now it is time he be sacrificed by the liberals from his administration try to protect their true Patron Saint OBAMA. Meanwhile, MAINSTREAM MEDIA is entirely lost in all the evidence they were provided by DEEP STATE operatives like Peter Strzok and others scattered throughout the various levels of Government.

What does all this have to do with RUSSIA? They played their best hand and won, because they likely did not do anything that was much more than they normally do anyway, and with BIG TECH helping give the edge to OBAMA in 2008 and 2012 it was nice to see it not be a monopoly for just DEMOCRATS. While I am certainly not a LIBERAL, I am not a blind REPUBLICAN, I did VOTE OBAMA both times because my disdain for the two REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. I have my socially liberal beliefs that are traditionally not welcomed in the GOP. I was what they used to call a Blue Dog maybe, Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal, but it seems both PARTIES reject that notion these days. Again, what does this really have to do with RUSSIA you ask? Nothing and Everything...

President Trump was not elected because RUSSIA or Putin wanted him to be there, that first of all makes no sense, we have been on the brink of WAR since his election it seems. So, why would RUSSIA want an AMERICA that is dedicated to REBUILD its MILITARY??? They wouldn't. Why would Russia prefer Trump after the TRAIN THEY just RAN on OBAMA, BIDEN and CLINTON?? You guessed it they wouldn't.

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